I’m the blogger in the antique diving suit.

This post isn’t going to be the best one I’ve ever written. It’s not tagged with useful tips. It isn’t visually appealing. I don’t even want it to be read by many people. But it’s important that I do it. And keep putting words down.

Progress is putting one foot in front of the other and keeping moving.

I always love to read about the people at the back of the London marathon. The ones who have committed to completing the 26.2 miles at all costs. They’re usually doing it because there’s some higher purpose, like raising money for charity. They might be injured military heroes who are battling onwards in memory of their friends who never made it back home. They might be doing crazy charity challenges dressed in absurb costumes, highlighting their cause and raising lots of money. The guy who completed the marathon in a full diving suit sticks in my memory. He could barely move and it took him the best part of a week to do it.

But diving suit marathon man did complete the race. He set a goal and went for it in his own way, and completed the personal challenge doing some good in the process.

My blog has a kind of higher purpose; I want to examine and celebrate modern fatherhood. Sometimes I just enjoy writing and go through periods of prolific posting. But then modern fatherhood can also get in the way. I’ve realised my last blog post was nearly two months ago.

I might not have created any blogging content over the past two months but I’ve made some great memories.

I’ve been on a couple of holidays with my family, during which time I completely turned off email and social media. Sure, I’ve got plenty of Instagram-able images and lots of anecdotes for Twitter. But I haven’t managed to share them. It’s been tough juggling everything with a 5 month old baby and some things have to give.

I do regret that I’ve stopped completely over the past two months. I wish I kept my blog going, even minimally.

Like the diving suit man I’ve realised it’s important to keep taking the next step forward, however laborious and challenging. Because at least I’m making some progress. So this post is designed to give me a kick up the backside and try to stick to my 2017 annual plan. If I keep going between now and the end of the year I’ve got a good chance of finishing my book on the Millennial Dad.

I’m counting on other great parent bloggers to keep me accountable.

I’m not asking for a buddy blogger to keep an eye on me and make sure I’m posting regularly, although that might be helpful. Rather, I want to commit myself to regularly reading other bloggers’ posts. There’s some truly inspiring content out there being presented in exciting new ways. The standard of the bloggers I follow gives me something to aim for.

Keep up the good work everyone, and I’ll keep on taking steps forward!






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