Car repair with Autorestore

Have you ever heard (or felt) the crunch of your car as it scrapes along a brick wall, metal post, or [insert any other object that causes damage]. It’s almost painful to bear. It’s worse if it’s your own fault. 

My car recently had an argument with some iron gates and came off worse.

I’d driven through these gates countless times. But it was dark and rainy and I was in a rush. I didn’t think, judged it wrong and then heard the horrible sound of metal on metal. 

I went through all the stages of mourning: first, it was denial. I got out the car and went inside my work building, as I couldn’t bear to look. And then came anger; it started off with the gate, but it’s not very satisfying being angry at an inanimate object (unless you’re Basil Fawlty). Then bargaining; as I tried to rationalise with myself whether it was worth fixing and, if so, how much it would cost. Finally, there was depression and acceptance as I understood there was no going back, and the dent couldn’t be covered up without some major work. 
See the results of my labours for yourself:

In all my years of driving I’ve never had a bump. It could be down to careful driving or just plain old luck. Since becoming a dad and being the sole driver in the house I’ve probably been guilty of rushing around too much on more than one occasion, trying to be in two places at once. 

My car’s not new but it’s reliable. It’s not expensive but I want it to look as good as possible. Driving around with a big dent in the wheel arch just didn’t make me feel good. 

When I finally resolved to get my car fixed I needed it to be done as smoothly as possible. I didn’t have time to send it in to a body shop for a couple of days. I didn’t even want to take it in for a quote. 

Time is at a premium for the modern dad. 

I was delighted when I discovered AutoRestore, a mobile (yes, that’s right) body repair company. Quotes are obtained online by completing a form and sending in pics of the damage. You then choose a convenient date and location. Now this is the best bit: the location can be anywhere you like, either at home or work, or a car park. Normal body repairs have to be done in a professional garage. These guys turn up in specialist vans, erect a tent around your car to seal it off from the external environment, and have all the tools and paints to complete the job there and then. 

The guy who worked on my car was a complete professional throughout. He explained the process and got on with the job. It took about four hours from start to finish and the result left the damaged part looking as good as new. So good, perhaps, that I now have to get all my other minor scratches fixed!

Take a look at some pics:

For anyone who is short on time and wants great results I would recommend Autorestore. They didn’t give me anything for writing this piece; I just wanted to share their great work. 

I’m a fan of anything that’s frees up more family time!

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