Time-saving hacks with Sign-o-matic

Being a parent means all your energy and time is invested in your family. There’s often not much time for anything else. Thankfully, these days it’s far easier to be connected wider family; your own parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Facebook takes care of family news and Skype is good for real-time conversations around the world. 

The internet generation is so well-developed that there’s now a website to help with every possible task. There’s so much out there that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So when I find something that works particularly well I want to let people know about it. 

Sign-o-matic is a website dedicated to making signs of all shapes and sizes. Think about all the possibilities – door signs, house sign, name badges, anything. 

When my mum asked me to print off and laminate a piece of paper I knew I could better. I searched for “laminated plastic sign” on Google and got a few results. I checked out a couple of sites but the one that got my attention straight away was Sign-o-matic. I don’t know much about sign making. And I didn’t really know what I was looking for. But I would know if I saw it. 

It was good to see numerous examples on the site. Designing the sign was a simple step-by-step process. I wasn’t overloaded with options and I could see at each stage how the finished sign would look. I don’t know much about costs for making signs but the prices seemed reasonable. I was able to get the finished sign delivered direct to my mum, meaning I don’t have to drive all the way over to her. 

There are loads of tools and websites that exist to make our lives easier. This is never more important than when a parent, as our time gets sapped by so many other things. Ultimately, it’s all about spending quality time with those we care about. Anything that helps me to do that gets my vote of approval. 

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