If you want to get something done, ask a busy parent

This morning I woke up with a cat crawling on my head. The house was empty. I was tired. I’d stayed up far too late watching episodes of The Man in the High Castle. I showered, dressed, fed the cat, had some cereal, then came to work. The first person I spoke to was a colleague I passed in the corridor.

Nothing about this is remarkable except it is the first time in a long time my wife and daughter haven’t been there. They are away for a couple of days and I have the place to myself.

It used to always be like this. I only ever had to think about myself.

Every morning I would only have myself to get up and get ready, as I would march to work. Then at the end of the day I might go out with friends on a whim, go the gym (hardly) or whatever else at home.

Parenthood changes changes your sense of time.

I never realised how much I could get done in the time available when it is focused by having a family. The necessity of feeding a child in the morning or making sure everyone is ready for going to school helps to focus my mind on the things that are important.

The busier I am with family life the more focused I am in work life.

I think many millennials are in the same boat. Making the transition from carefree lives to responsibilities takes some adjustment, but it is something want to do and don’t run from. And if we’re going to do it, we want to be 100% committed and do it well.

Now I’m a dad, I’m more productive than ever.

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