One week in, One big thing I’ve learned

It’s been about a week since I first made a blog post. Since then I’ve done a couple more. But I’ve also been introduced to the weird and wonderful world of parent blogging. And I like it. 

I’ve made several attempts at starting blogs in the past but I’ve always been put off by how lonely and removed I felt from other people. It felt like I was just writing into a void. Of course, I know it takes a while to get any sort of blog traffic but I never enjoyed the process.

I started this blog because I’m writing a book about the Millennial Dad, the newest generation of parents.

I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts and shape my book. Because I’m genuinely interested in this topic I’ve started to explore other blogs and, wow, there are tons of parents out there all writing about similar experiences.

It’s been amazing to see the number and breadth of parenting blogs out there. 

There are mums and dads, in the UK, US and around the world. I’ve begun to learn things that I never knew about parenting, despite having a four year old. I’ve shared in other people’s joys and frustrations, discovered silly jokes, and reviews of great products. 

Whether it’s a millennial dad or mum, who I relate to, or parents of triplets which I can’t even imagine, all parenting blogs I’ve read have one similar trait… honesty. 

More than any other blogging “genre” I’ve found parenting blogs to be really honest about their experiences. Bloggers are willing to share their thoughts in an open and supportive environment. None of the comments on the blog posts I’ve read have any kind of trolling or hate or rudeness. 

I hope I’ll be able to make a positive contribution to the world of parent blogging. I know it will take a while before people start to read my posts, but that will give me time to practice and “find my voice” as I heard someone describe. Along the way I hope to finish and publish my book on the Millennial Dad and maybe even offer useful advice to others, too!

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